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Hi! I’m Cloé from the Instagram account “Greeneat_ch“.

I started my social media ”adventure” in the end of 2015, without thinking that anybody would be interested in, but I was wrong and I’m so happy about it!

I love sharing my everyday vegan meals with this amazing community and being inspired every single day. It’s also great to show to people that veganism is super creative and not boring at all!

Instagram is not really practical to share recipes, that’s why I decided to start a Youtube channel as well. Anyway, with all my Uni stuff and the fact that I’m working on Saturdays, I couldn’t find enough time to edit my videos.

Therefore, I decided to start a blog : The easiest way to share all my recipes with you!

I’m not used to it at all, but I hope to increase my knowledge quickly 😉

Don’t hesitate to post a comment, I would be really pleased to know what you think about my recipes and if you try one of them, tag me on Instagram or send me a picture! I would love seeing your creations! 🙂

My Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/greeneat_ch/
My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5c9Zl7ao1jHZNR4pzn1KQ